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     I Dedicate my Life To You              $1.50


Solomon Biography//

Solomon is one of our favorite soul singers. The main thing that makes him appealing is he's consistent with his music. He has that old school soul that comes through "I dedicate my life to you" sets the mid-tempo soul tone for romance.

The romantic song I dedicate my life to you is "Woo." This song describes a man's dedication of love to a woman while Solomon sings I'm sure most people can relate to this song (I know I can.)

"Solomon" definitely puts you in the mind of sitting on a porch in the country listening to some down home smooth Rhythm and blues with a modern twist. It is definitely a staple Solomon ballad that I believe listeners will enjoy.

Robert Lee Solomon, stage name Bobby Solomon

Profile:Born in 19th November 1944.
Dead in 30th May 1975



 New video picture show for I didecate my life to you coming soon,

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